Children’s Church 10:00 am

Children’s Church provides a simplified version of the Bible for young minds to learn and apply. Currently we are studying Jesus as a person and His earthly ministry that took place around 2000 years ago. Kids of all ages, come prepared to learn the Bible, sing some songs, and have fun!

During the time of Children’s Church, adults are encouraged to fellowship with each other, strengthening the bonds of the body of Christ. Light refreshments are served with coffee every Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am

The Sunday morning service starts promptly at 11:00 am, with all children returning to their parents to sit and learn together as a family. Our Sunday service starts with the sermon followed by the song worship. All Sunday services are broadcast on Facebook LiveĀ  and uploaded to Youtube for those who are unable to attend. Tithes can be submitted in the offering box at the welcome table. Please come and join us this Sunday as we learn God’s Word together!

Our nursery is complete with Facebook Live broadcast for any parents needing a safe space for their young children.

Small Group Meetings

In leu of the traditional mid-week prayer service, Pastor Brice has started small group meetings in the homes of our families. Small group meetings start with dinner (rotated cooking between the attending families), followed by prayer request and prayer time, completed with a group Bible study and discussion. This is not your ordinary prayer meeting- as one attendee said, “I have attended Sunday school, both morning and evening Sunday services, and mid-week services my entire life, and I have never experienced the Bible like this!” Children are also ministered to with our “Small Group Captains” activities. The goals of small group meetings include strengthening the bonds between the members, building a prayerful life, and exploring the Word on a level we can all understand. As each group grows to house capacity, we will divide into more groups, expanding our outreach and geographical area coverage. Jesus had his own small group of 12 disciples. Let’s follow His example and meet together!